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In The Cow Cocoon authors Rachel Nolen and Maria Price, along with artist Dayne Sislen, join together to tell the story of Truman’s discovery of a butterfly cocoon. With the help of Mooma and his friends, Truman learns how to comfort and soothe himself by creating a safe space, a cocoon.

Helping children to find ways to soothe themselves and to self-regulate is an important part of childhood development. The Cow Cocoon addresses children’s need to find ways to comfort and calm themselves.  This book assists children and their families in exploring ways in which they can feel safe, happy, and loved, within the context of a fun-loving and interesting story, coupled with beautiful artwork. I highly recommend The Cow Cocoon to any family that is interested in creating a nourishing environment to help their kiddos to develop more coping skills to manage “big” emotions.

Stephanie Stockham-Ronollo, MA, LPC, NCC

What a perfect story for parents and kids during this weird time of COVID! All Truman wants is a place to feel safe just like we all do. You will love the story of how Truman discovers his cocoon with the help of his friends. It will make you and your kids smile!

Patty Hannum

Hooked on Books

Town&Style St. Louis

The story of Truman and his discovery of a butterfly cocoon will leave children riveted and delighted! The adventurous antics with Truman will take children on a whimsical journey where he discovers that cocoons come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, they all hold one thing in common, the concept of a cocoon as a safe haven.  

I give this book five stars and highly recommend it for children of all ages, and all ability levels!

Dr. Denise Farinella

lifetime educator, former teacher, gifted specialist, principal,

curriculum coordinator and

Director of Gifted Education for the state of Missouri.

The Cow Cocoon is a story about finding and settling in a place that is safe for you. Everyone has different needs and comfort zones. The Cow travels through the community to realize that everyone’s essentials in life are different, although everyone needs a place to feel safe.

In today’s environment, this message is crucial to children’s emotional well being. This story is engaging and heart-warming. The children loved the pictures and humor. In the end, most importantly, they were able to relate and share their own locations and perspectives of safe places.

As a primary school teacher, I highly recommend this story.

Joann Ringland

The Cow Cocoon is a sweet story about a cow named Truman who is in search of finding his own cocoon. Not only will kids be aMOOsed by Truman, they will be able to relate to him as they find they find their own special place. I dare kids not to fall in love with Truman!

Jennifer Johnson
Spoede School
Library Media Specialist

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