The Cow Cocoon & Truman

The Cow Cocoon & Truman




Includes 2 sets of stickers.


The Cow Cocoon (Item 1)

On the first day of spring, Truman makes an exciting new discovery: a butterfly cocoon. With the help of his Mooma and friends, he learns what a cocoon is: a special, safe place where you are happy and loved, and sets off to find his own cocoon. 


Truman The Cow (Item 2)

SOFT AND CUDDLY - Truman is 12 inches of snuggling fun!

TRUMAN IS HIS NAME - he's our stuffed animal cow mascot with a butterfly birthmark!

YOUR CHILD'S BEST FRIEND- he's more than just a plush cow! He's your child's reminder of the safe place you've created together.

HIGH QUALITY - made with quality materials and designed to last!

GREAT FOR ALL AGES - From your baby, toddler to adult child, Truman's the best stuffed cow for kids around!